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Talent. Technology. Passion. When talented people, advanced technology and a shared passion are combined, great things happen. At Foton, every project counts on these three elements as the foundation for our formula: the talent that can only be forged through preparation and effort, the technology that we invest in every day and the great passion that this team shares for making projects that truly inspire us and our audience.

It's not science fiction. There is an invisible threat hanging over humanity: A superbug immune to antibiotics that could end the presence of human race on Earth, or a computer virus that could become deadlier than a bacterium.
Despite their rivalry, four professional wrestlers work together to revive Mexican wrestling to its former glory.
The Panama Canal starred in hundreds of stories, yet its construction hides a historical background that is still unknown to the public: that of the efforts and sacrifices of those who allowed the 450 year old dream to finally come true.
Extended versions, director’s cut, on-set stories, behind the scenes footage, bios on crew and cast, alternative endings and much more about your favorite movies.
Through a deep journalistic investigation, "Se Presume Inocente" tells in first person the true stories of ordinary individuals who were involved in crimes they did not commit.